Here at Arts Unlimited Southwest, we believe that when people are ignited with a passion to learn, the possibilities are endless.

-Hortensia Bryce; Director at Arts Unlimited Southwest

Programs that we offer.

At Arts Unlimited Southwest, the goal is to get everyone involved. Individuals can play an instrument of their choosing, sing, paint, draw, learn a new language, and in the process, socialize, create and have fun, encourage  and develop leadership skills and more, in a safe supportive setting.

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I came up through this system and am only the singer I am today because of what I learned from Hortensia Bryce. Arts Unlimited Southwest offers the best training whether you hope to have a future career in music or if you just want the satisfaction of learning an exciting new skill.

Raehann Bryce-Davis Opera Singer

Our experience at Arts Unlimited Southwest has been wonderful. I love Hortensia, how much music means to her, and her offer to provide our kids in Johnson County a home school band. A home school band just doesn’t come about for home-schoolers! My son Whalen, who is a 9th grader loves the band; he plays the trumpet!

Ronica Moore Student

I can’t say enough about AUSW. I love everything about their programs and everyone here is like a second family. My children are home-schooled and Arts Unlimited not only gives them an opportunity to learn and develop skills in music, but also provides a safe environment to interact and build friendships with their peers. They have always expressed an interest in music and that interest has grown since being a part of Kanta and the Community Youth Band. Due to these programs, they have more confidence, self-esteem and character.

Heather Jenkins Parent

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